Our Philosophy

       Pure & Dimple’s mission is: 
  • To provide families with understated luxury through basic, high quality items.
  • To promote versatile essentials that can be passed down, and not to subscribe to throw-away fashion.
  • To inspire simple living with natural, non-toxic materials that are kind to our planet and our health. 
  • To provide an ethically-produced and sustainably sourced collection, for forward-thinking families and conscious consumerism.

The thread that connects us all

By using only supersoft organic cotton for our woven accessories, Pure & Dimple supports sustainable and ethical farming practices. The absence of dyes and bleaches results in a beautifully natural, hypoallergenic product that is low impact on our planet.
Our rubberwood tableware is a by-product of the latex industry, made from trees that have been felled to make way for fresh plantations.  What's more, for every plate purchased, Pure & Dimple feed a child in a developing country for a day, on your behalf, through our involvement with the World Food Organisation's "Share The Meal" program.
Our website is 100% green powered

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